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“I love my beautiful wool and silk ‘Lily’ shawl – Imogen has combined textures and colours expertly to create a beautiful piece, as much a work of art as it is practical and wearable. Imogen’s process, spinning, carding, dyeing and using her own wool to weave is incredibly inspirational, a true labour of love. I also love that there are stories and meaning.” E.C.

“I received a Selkie wrap for my birthday and I am delighted with it ! It is hand woven by Imogen from wild silk, soy fibre and wool. The soft earth colours compliment each other beautifully. The wrap is very soft and warm and until the cooler weather comes I am using it as a bed throw!” S.B.

“I visited Imogen’s open house exhibition last May. Her beautiful wraps were hanging all around and we discussed the stories that inspired their making. When I tried it on, the wrap inspired by ‘The Mermaid Senara’ hugged me, so that was the one I chose to take home. The weave is loaded with many soothing textures and colours, you can see the fishing nets and rigging, and if you look carefully… real mermaid scales glint in the sunlight.” F.S.

“We were sent a stunning blanket to welcome our son, Archie, to the world. Hand woven by Imogen it is a stunning collection of blues and so warm- Archie cuddles under this daily in his pram. Thank you Imogen – a truly unique and special gift made with such love and care.” B.D.S.

“I love the texture and hues of Imogen’s work. My daughter has a cot blanket that keeps her beautifully warm as well as looking amazing with different shades of purple and grey. I also have a shawl which I love to wear; the depth of colour is incredible. Each piece of her work is artwork in its own right as well as being wearable.” S.C.

“I am currently feeling very emotional as I received a beautiful blanket today hand woven from wool spun from the raw fleece of Molly and Lola. How special is that! Imogen contacted me about using my fleeces as an ethical way of weaving items and was thrilled to be able to label her weaves with the names of the sheep the fleeces had come from, in this case Molly & Lola. Wool production is a very contentious subject for us vegans but I feel so happy to be working with Imogen to promote the use of ethical wool to spread the message that sheep are wonderful souls that need to be treated with great respect as their fleece is a gift to be treasured always.” J.W.

“I couldn’t have been more delighted with my handmade wool scarf. The quality and design are absolutely stunning. I can’t recommend Imogen’s work highly enough, it is truly unique.” D.L.