Lecturing, Consulting & Mentoring

I’m happy to review proposals for professional bookings and academic mentoring, my main areas include the intersects of the following topics;

contemporary craft aesthetics, tools and techniques, heritage hand spinning and non-mechanised weaving, materials-led practice, sustainability and ethics, circular making, inter-generational learning, arts education and craft apprenticeship, cultural heritage and GRT representation in the arts; archival / historical primary research and academic writing. I also speak on therapeutic craft, maternal mental health, folklore and archetypal storytelling in a crafts context.

I have previously spoken in the following settings and contexts; international university lecturing, postgraduate and professional development workshops, conference and public speaking.

I have provided consultancy, interview and primary content for publications, academic papers and international research projects, plus English language support for international academic colleagues.

(From 2004-2012 I worked extensively in the fields of creative pattern cutting, couture sample cutting and fashion construction, alongside costume design and construction for theatre, TV, opera, and music video. I was also a studio technician, pattern cutting tutor and module leader on BA (Hons) fashion design & costume for performance final-year programmes at Birmingham City University (2006-2009), and a creative cutting workshop visiting tutor at the RCA. During 2015 & 2016 I produced a number of folk-puppetry theatre performances with handmade cloth puppets, using traditional storytelling and poetry to explore this time-honoured arts medium.)

Here is a list of organisations I’ve worked with since 2016;

Romani Cultural & Arts Company

Heritage Crafts

Arts Council Wales

Arts Council England (DYCP)

Crafts Council

Sussex Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers


Traveller’s Times / Rural Media

Friends, Families & Travellers

Devon Guild of Craftsmen

Brighton Storytellers

Ernest Journal


Cultivator Cornwall

RHS Malvern

Brighton Fringe Festival

Canopy Press


Craft Scotland

Aalto University, Helsinki


Artist’s Open Houses

ONCA Gallery Brighton

Butcher’s Dog Publishing

If you would like to discuss your project please email me at imogendisapia@icloud.com and I will be able to provide you with my fee guide (provision for charitable organisations available) based on timings, lecture content and presentation format required.

For academic & project mentoring sessions (online), I can offer a tiered hourly rate based on your study level;

Apprentice/FE mentorship £45 per hour session

Undergraduate BA mentorship £65 per hour session

Postgraduate MA/PHD mentorship £85 per hour session

Self directed study / professional development mentorship/ Craft Rehab Therapeutic Mentorship £120 per hour session

I look forward to working with you!

Photo by Alun Callender, 2022

Colleague Recommendations

“I have known Imogen since 2015 when we both studied Writing for Puppetry at the Little Angel Theatre. In the months that followed, Imogen was developing her work based around retelling folktales using her exquisitely embroidered textile puppets. Typically of Imogen though, she did not simply want to showcase her own work. She wanted to inspire and empower others, and to help them grow. So, quietly and calmly she set about transforming the puppetry scene in Brighton. She brought the community together; sharing ideas and techniques, producing shows and events, promoting sustainable and ethical practices and enabling others to form personal and professional bonds which remain to this day. I am so delighted to learn that Imogen is offering a mentoring service – I cannot think of a better person for the role. She has the rare talent of being able to see, with gimlet vision, a person’s creative soul and empower them to let it flourish.”

Liza Stevens, Children’s Book Illustrator & Author, Puppet Maker & Performer


“I love discussing my projects with Imogen, she has a wealth of helpful suggestions, examples and resources. This, coupled with a deep intuition and insight into the blocks and the obstacles that may be in the way, helps you to move forward in the work with ease.”

Grace Gelder, Photographer


“Imogen is the most generous person I know, she gives so freely and without hesitation and my time in her presence inspired me to create and to focus. Just as a cook gathers the perfect ingredients and skillfully and LOVINGLY puts them together. She has this way of hearing you and then responding intuitively, saying, ‘Right, I know what we can do’. She is a friend and sister and I felt that with her solutions came joy, love, nurture, courage and femininity. Thank you darling Imogen.”

Alison Martin-Lloyd, Artist, Performer & Storyteller


“Imogen is an inspirational woman, researcher, artist and activist. She goes above and beyond what is expected and has a way of deeply listening and purposefully responding. Imogen’s work is visionary, elegant, cathartic and equally thought-provoking. I have collaborated with her on a number of projects and also asked her for support with editing for various academic articles. Her ability to critically reflect and communicate ideas in those exchanges, have been extremely helpful and valuable.”

Rosamaria Kostic Cisneros, Dance Academic & Artist.