Copyright & Design Law

All Design, Content & Images Copyright Bright Moon Weaving / Imogen Bright Moon 2016-2022

Design Copyright and Legal Prior Art include identifiable factors of the five aspects of Design Registration (UK Law);

1. Construction Methodology

2. Surface Texture/ Surface Pattern

3. Design

4. Combination Colourways

5. Production Techniques

And including Unregistered legal rights of design / creation Prior Art in UK, EU and International law (15 years inclusive from the date of creating and referencing in the public domain; ); not before and including 2031 onwards.

Records and references of the above legal prior art including and not limited to;

Physical print, digital & online presence;

Dated 2016 – 2022 ad inf;

The Selkie : Weaving & The Wild Feminine, Magpie Magazine Press 2018, 2019, 2022

Woven & Worn, Canopy Press 2019


Bright Moon Weaving Channel on YouTube

Legal Entity Naming / Branding Identifiable Prior Art 2016-2022 ad inf;

Bright Moon Weaving Studio

Bright Moon Yarn

Selkie Skeins

Bright Moon Press

The Selkie : Weaving & The Wild Feminine

Black Tent / Black Sarah

Bright Moon Logo 2016;

Imogen Bright Moon 2016-2022-2031