Imogen Bright Moon (b.1983) is a British Romani artist, creating contemporary works through her studio/site-based material practice, culminating in the exploration of large textile-based installations, using tapestry weaving and cloth weaving techniques, featuring painterly hand-blended-and-spun yarns. Imogen’s practice has an intersectional focus on areas of artistic visibility/invisibility, including hidden ethnicity (GRT), neurodiversity (HFA), motherhood and maternal mental health, and object-centred narratives. All these areas impact and inform her artwork, whilst her practice is equally founded in material processes, material ethics and heritage craft processes; being textile works and constructions, Imogen’s works also have the socio-economic-political implications of domesticity, ‘women’s work’ and impermanence, a space she calls The Mythic Domestic. In tandem with her studio practice, Imogen is also a researcher, writer and textile-crafts historian, with particular emphasis on cultural languages implicit in making methodologies and crafted objects. Imogen offers Craft Rehab mentorship sessions to artists and makers in the spirit of Jungian therapeutic journeying.

Imogen is a 2022 recipient of Gypsy Maker 5 (Romani Cultural & Arts Company / Arts Council Wales).

Publications include;

The Selkie : Weaving & The Wild Feminine, Magpie Press, 2018

Woven & Worn, Canopy Press, 2019

Wagtail; The Roma Women’s Poetry Anthology, Butchers Dog Press 2021

Black Tent / Black Sarah, forthcoming Autumn 2022

Blog; http://www.brightmoon.co

Gypsy Maker 5; http://www.blacktentblacksarah.com

IG @imogen.bright.moon

All works and books available to purchase can be found in the Bright Moon Weaving online shop

Imogen is a member of Heritage Crafts, details at HCA Makers Directory

Crafts Council Makers Directory profile can be viewed here; Crafts Council Directory

Imogen also works with The Romani Cultural & Arts Company

and is an associate member of ERIAC; European Roma Institute for Arts & Culture

Black Tent / Black Sarah photographed by Alun Callendar 2022


Portrait by Michaela Meadow (with Lisa Jahovic) 2017