Bright Moon Press

In January 2022 I set up an indie studio press to create a container for paper-based work; to form both a tactical archive and to hold space for words and imagery that support my woven works, side by side.

This month has also seen the finalisation of The Selkie print edition that will become the rolling-reprint edition (earlier imprints were limited edition batches), and working with my photographer, designer and editor Michaela Meadow again on our project, revived the love I have for creating that liminal book, and all it has meant (and continues to mean) to me.

In establishing Bright Moon Press, I hope to bridge a distance between my studio textiles and larger, more abstract artistic textile works that are coming through in my practice, as I start the process of creating artworks for the Gypsy Maker 5 exhibitions across Wales, April-October 2022.

In this way, the paper-based archive of my studio practice will form an artwork in and of itself, little by little, over time. That feels like a hopeful commitment and one that makes me happy.

I’ll post any updates as they appear, later in the year I expect, as these things take their own sweet time in coming into being, like children.

All best wishes for a better 2022,