GRT Craft Makers Survey

GRT Craft Makers Survey (December 2022)

Help get support & recognition for traditional GRT Crafts in 2023!


This survey is for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Craftspeople to add our voices to current research supporting the official recognition of our traditional and cultural crafts in mainstream places like crafts organisations, national museums, and our own GRT culture organisations, both in the UK and internationally. If you can take a few minutes (with a cup of tea!) to answer the questions below, this information will help advise on our crafts traditions and supporting them into the future, it will also help researchers identify if any of our crafts are at risk of being lost, or if any crafts need better recognition. This will also help museum curators to identify GRT craft objects that have been mis-labelled or overlooked in the archives until now.

There is space at the end of the questions for your contact details if you would like to keep in touch by email, or you can email me direct with any questions;

Thank you for your time, click here to take the survey;

Imogen Bright Moon,

Traveller’s Times TTVision, Romani Cultural & Arts Company Gypsy Maker 5 & Heritage Crafts EDI Subcommittee member.

GRT Traditional & Cultural Crafts Survey, click here;

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