Winter Fuel


I’ve been managing the increased fuel costs over the past few months by slowly demechanising my studio practice and eliminating or significantly reducing use of electricity and water where possible. This may save me money on my front-line bills, but the costing is offset into other spaces; ergonomically my body is the main source of making, and so RSI flare-ups are a reality and it takes longer to complete tasks, yet it embraces the truth of slow-crafted making and challenges the myth of production beyond what is physically possible, using the most simple hand tools.

Combined with Brexit, import duty, postage cost increases and economic depression, selling one’s produce is another aspect and forms a set of Limitations beyond our control.

In all of these considerations, keep making; your art belongs to you and is important. Arts + Crafts culture is needed along with bread and heating.

In solidarity and love,


* A timely article just out from Crafts Council;

“The impact of the fuel crisis on makers” is available on their website;

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