Scorched Oak, Oxidised Silver, Black Wool,

34cm x 54cm (variable),

Collaboration with Natasha Craig, 2022

M A T R A is an experiment in material practice, touching on mutual sympathies between surfaces, textures, shadows, patinas.

M A T R A is an Indic unit of measure; a weight, a medicinal dose. This M A T R A contains the archetypal three-in-one of The Original Mother, Prima Materia, Mother-Of-All. She is Potential, Precious, Timeless.

M A T R A as a work of process made by two mothers, is the container of many tools and many impacts; carved, hammered, twisted, alchemised, burnt. And also many deep transformations; creation, destruction, union, inclusion, assemblage, balance.

M A T R A holds the unification of thought, manifest vision and hard work.

(Deep gratitude for the thread back to the archeology of the Ballachulish Goddess, a carved wooden Ancient Mother found richly-blackened, preserved in a peat bog next to Loch Leven in the Highlands of Scotland.)

Thanks to Natasha Craig, and Dedicated to Mother-Artists across all human history; Creation from the Depths.

C. National Museum Scotland

C. Imogen Bright Moon + Natasha Craig, 2022

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