Textile Artworks (part one)

Textile Artworks (part one)

I’ve taken to my new studio since mid April and spent an intensely condensed time deep in retreat and process; exploring, listening, touching, making, painting…

Textile art as literal material-practice still connects with the shadow of the “home”, that Mythic Domestic space I spoke of in 2018, inside the pages of “The Selkie : Weaving & The Wild Feminine”. In that living-space of invisible power and memory, there are new-old tools to dust off (rug hook, proddy stick) and freshly minted mechanised industrial kit (rug tufting gun)… there are fibres and textures that are familiar, utilitarian and instinctive (hessian, linen, calico), and precious-metal fibres to welcome and honour (recycled fine silver).

I’ll introduce these artworks across the next three posts;

Part one (this post) will be an honouring, and in some ways a resolution, to my Selkie body of work, started in late summer 2016, six years and a lifetime ago. I have been taught so much in this transition into motherhood, meeting myself on roads dark and rich. Images to follow below…

Part two will look into an extensive new body of work, which itself combines two aspects;

Wool Paintings & Textile Works in Silver

These two distinct aspects work together visually and narratively, and in some works, integrate the shared elements of wool, silver, paint, and woven textile (hessian or calico). It will take me some time to explore these artworks, as material practice is so much about the chosen materials teaching me… ways to see and ways to feel, to remember.

In part three, I’ll share the updates of my weaving & studio practice, and all the ways you can support and connect with my work going forward.

As always, a huge thank you for reading & supporting my work,

All best wishes,


Brighton, 2022


Selkie Pelt Artworks

Wool, Hessian, Paint, 2022

Varying sizes; please email for details or to purchase weaving@brightmoon.co / imogendisapia@icloud.com

Imogen Bright Moon c.2022

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