Studio Update (part three)

Thanks for sticking with my blog post series today, below I’ll update you on my studio practice, where to find my work, and what’s going on for the summer;

The most significant studio update is that I’m now offering my signature yarn for sale! It’s taken six years of research, development, practice, experiment, experience and humility to get the perfect combination of elements that make my yarn; techniques of blending and spinning, shading, balance and texture. I’ve had some wonderful teachers on my journey; Molly Bray, Jessie Mason & Clara Sherman… I’ve worked my way through drop spindle, spinning wheel, e-spinner, Diné spindle, kick spindle and thigh-spinning… each way so different and each combination of ways creates a different yarn…

I’m working on a batch-spin schedule, which means I make each skein at a time from start to finish, this gives me deep creative satisfaction and honours the work. I’ll be moving through my wool sacks starting with my classic original Selkie colour way, and once that’s used up, I’ll move onto variations of The Selkie each month. There’s a subscription club you can join via the webshop as each batch will be limited edition!

The artworks I’ve shared in the two previous posts today are categorised in three stories;

Selkie Pelt Artworks

Wool Paintings

Textile Works in Silver

I’ll be developing the Wool Paintings this summer, and applying for some specific funding for developing the Textile Works in Silver, and I hope to bring you some more works by the early autumn. There’s around 40 new artworks I’ve released today, and I’ll get them listed in my webshop in the coming days. If you see something you like, please email me with any questions;

I’m also seeking gallery representation from a Gallerist / Curator who has a love and vision for textile and mixed media works, soft sculpture and studio craft / material practice; if that’s you, or you know someone who would be a good fit for my new work, please get in touch! I’m interested in UK & international gallery representation, exhibition & collaboration, so please do share my email with your colleagues;

I’ll be travelling up to Chester later in the month to introduce the incredible film The Deathless Woman by Roz Mortimer, please join us there for a screening and panel discussion on June 25th at 2.30pm, more details at

Gypsy Maker 5 continues our gallery tour;

4th July to 26th August 2022

Art in the Attic at The Factory, Jenkin St, Porth, Rhondda Cynon Taff, CF39 9PP

Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm (free admission)

I’ll be hosting two weaving workshops on August 4th, one is suitable for families with young children, the other is for adults (16+), contact the venue gallerist to book as places are limited;

photo by Alun Callendar, 2022

The Selkie : Weaving & The Wild Feminine 2022 reprint is back in stock and can be found in the webshop;

Finally, I’ll be adding to my YouTube channel as I go, just informal shorts of studio moments; blending, spinning, weaving… if you’d enjoy some calm craft, please do subscribe;

Bright Moon Weaving YouTube Channel

Thank you for reading these updates & for your support of my work,

All best wishes for the summer ahead,


Imogen Bright Moon c.2022

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