The Light : Autumn 2021 Studio Textiles

I’m happy to offer a small autumn collection of six new textile works for sale in my online shop today over at

This collection bridges new initiations and deeper explorations into my use of weaving as a spiritual tool; exploring prayer, alchemy and ancestral nomadism… edges of landscapes, both imaginal and real, earthbound and celestial. Here we find textures of lakes and seas on my namesake, The Bright Moon, that timepiece set in the heavens, encouraging that ever-changing capacity within myself to move and trust the Kairos of it all…

I call this humble body of work The Light, really for lack of a more comprehensive naming, because it contains so much unspoken. When I ask the works what they are, where they come from, there is overlap between elements; The Selkie is still there in her cool water, Prima Materia as the mudded soup and black-sand of creation, and all the clouds, rains, lakes and Mare of the Moon, containing mixtures of ether, air and water, in luminescent radiance.

So, The Light, as we cross the Equinox threshold, seems the only right way to describe the hope and antidote that exists in darkness.

May these works find you well, and offer some comfort and grounding in this season.

All blessings,


If you world like to receive a digital Media Press Pack and / or a set of postcard prints, please email

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