Around The Yog : GRT Arts & Crafts

September 8th-12th, 2021

Phoenix Arts, Green Room Gallery, Brighton

Friends Families & Travellers are hosting an exhibition of GRT Artists & Craftspeople, curated by Martha Ostick.

The featured artworks include drawing & illustration, painting & photography; theatre set design, film installation, hand-painted vardo, visual poetry banners, embellished traditional objects & reclaimed heritage tools, blacksmithing & tinsmithing vessels, woodcarving & weaving.

Artists include;

Denise Malcom, Elijah Vardo, Ella Mae, Gareth Lock, Imogen Bright Moon, James Collins, Tom McDonnell, Rory & Mandy, Korri Lee, Ryalla Duffy, Rose Ahmet, David Stooke, Dean Rheims, Suzanna Woodward, Sarah Harvey, Matty Evo.

Images below are from the Private View on September 9th;

GRT Artist, Ella Mae
Traditional ‘Roses & Castles’ painting on reclaimed objects;
Teapot, Hand-saw and Horseshoe
Ella Mae
Denise Malcom
Elijah Vardo
Rose Ahmet
Jewel-Embellished Wagon
Gareth Lock
Painted & Carved Wooden Panel
Gareth Lock
Traditional Tinsmithing Vessels
James Collins & Tom McDonnell
David Stooke
Matty Evo
Handwoven Rug
Imogen Bright Moon

2 thoughts on “Around The Yog : GRT Arts & Crafts

  1. How I wish I could attend this exhibition, Imogen. It makes my heart sing to see our people so beautifully and proudly (and literally!) making their mark.
    Your weaving looks wonderful 🙏


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