New Weaving for Autumn 2021

Dear Friends,

I hope this update finds you well;

I have a woven selection of new work to offer this autumn, these pieces are now available to preview at the studio shop, please click here;

Bright Moon Weaving Studio Shop

I’ll be adding another few pieces (three small rugs) to the preview before the shop update launches proper in late September, plus I’ll be featuring a very exciting book collaboration, which will also be added to the update with links to purchase direct from the publisher.

My new works have come from a time of deep inner reflection and allowing new-old techniques in both spinning and weaving to attune and express through my hands, this has been deeply rewarding to my inner weaver and I hope to reflect these learnings as I go forward in my studio work. This new iteration of my practice features greater depth, with time spent researching cultural, historical and magical wool-work methodologies, and many hours spent in practice and experience to bring into matter that which has been speaking to me; Muse of Grandmothers, The First Weaver.

This new space is also reflected in the fewer number of works I’m able to create using these new techniques, as they are both time-rich and material-heavy, literally, using 3-4 times the volume of wool and precious fibres as my earlier works. These aspects are reflected in the pricing, and I’m happy to offer my clients and collectors a range of new works, these representing a definite investment in the future of contemporary heritage craft and traditional hand weaving.

Thank you to all my international friends, colleagues, collectors, clients and supporters who have made it possible, by your encouragement, to make the work I am called to make today, deeply, thank you,

All best wishes for a calm turn of the wheel,

See you in the long nights,

Imogen Bright Moon

26th August , 2021

Brighton, UK

Copyright Imogen Bright Moon 2021, reproduce with credits and links

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