The Selkie : A Review from T H Savaht

After witnessing such sublime mystery and magic, how it is that your first impulse is to claim without consent? To steal and conceal, that which should never be held or kept… The Selkie is filled with both story and verse. Lush photographic images and evocative poetry that invites the reader into a rich inner world, that straddles both land and sea. A beautiful treatise on the divine feminine, in All its raw beauty and power… And a chance at redemption for men, on how they might awaken and atone, for the most Original of their Sins… Taking…

Imogen Di Sapia has created a treasure of a work! A pearl inside a pearl, whose wisdom continues to lap upon the shore of conscious, with each reading and perusal. It’s so easy to get both lost and found, as you comb through its artistic detail and layering. The masterful play of shadow and light, upon an alluring and sumptuous weaving. The conjuring of words, both intricate and simple, that take you to the heart of pondering and growth.

The unbridled, natural expression of the female body and soul, that invokes artistry, truth, and unmitigated awe…

I read this book basking in the sun, early Autumn, kissed by a gentle breeze, letting its potency, and the timeless rhythms of its alchemy and wisdom, wash over me… Thank You, Imogen, for such a deep and seminal work.

T H Savaht

October, 2020

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