Healing Hidden Identity : The Lost Romani Generation

Many thanks to Lisa Smith at Travellers Times for featuring my audio-reading and full article text of my paper “Healing Hidden Identity : The Lost Romani Generation”, from which I read an excerpt on Roma Genocide Remembrance Day, August 2nd, online memorial event hosted by Look and Don’t Forget;


2 thoughts on “Healing Hidden Identity : The Lost Romani Generation

  1. I have just read and listened to your words on the Traveller’s Times website Imogen and I needed to find you online to say an emphatic “me too”! Thank you for sharing this so eloquently and movingly. I am a daughter of a silenced Romany family and your words and experience resonate very deeply with me as I seek to name and reclaim my Gypsy heritage with pride and a longing to heal those deep and nameless wounds of the ancestors and understand myself and my line with more clarity and compassion.
    I could say so much! But mostly I just wanted to say thank you and kushti bok.
    Your weaving is exquisite and you are not only weaving yarn but words of profound truth and wisdom…


    1. Dear Kate, thank you for your kind words which really move me, I’m so glad you can stand in your strength and truth and be proud of our heritage, Kushti bok and best wishes, Imogen


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