2020 Vision + Beyond

2020 Vision + Beyond

Dear Friends,

Firstly I hope you are all well and navigating this year as best you can with as much grace and peace of mind as possible. What a challenge it is to be on Earth during such a shifting time, and sometimes it is as much as we can do to cope with the daily challenges and simply breathe through.

Adapting to the post CV19 landscape will take us all time, especially those like me with young children to care for whilst also having a creative craft practice. My coping mechanisms from the previous four years of working and mothering have indeed equipped me with some psychological buffers; even so, it is tough on the tough days.

To take the pressure off myself, I’m going to revert back to my earlier vision of studio-batch textiles for a once or twice yearly offering, around September and then again in November of each year. This is a very open-minded process for me, as flexibility in all things is required, as is patience.

I’ll also be focusing on creating a series of art works and academic writing for inclusion in a forthcoming anthology, due for publication in late 2021. This body of work will be a creative process for the healing of my Romani (Gypsy) Motherline, which includes conversations around hidden culture, lost generations, and intangible heritage.

Working through this personal creative process, and in the context of the racial events of 2020, I’ll continue to support and discuss the needs of my fellow Black, Brown, Indigenous, Mixed Heritage and Ethnic Minority artists and makers, around their racial self-identity and self-representation in contemporary craft.

I’m passionate in finding a balance of creative development with commission work that also adds to the process and progress of my own vision, and whilst is isn’t always possible to take on every project I am contacted about, I do strive for the following;

Creating meaningful works.

Connecting with the deeper spiritual + ancestral dimensions of craft.

Facilitating conversation in the context of contemporary textiles culture.

Exploring the place and symbolism of textiles in the home.

Developing long term relationships with clients + educational institutions.

Supporting colleagues in peer review and mentoring.

Collaborating with allied crafts and arts with shared vision.

Please do email me directly with any questions: imogendisapia@icloud.com

In Craft Solidarity,

Love + Respect,


Brighton, June 2020

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