Luna Eclipse : Aesthetics

This is as much planning I put into each piece I weave, it is all about the yarn. I started my formal training in fashion & textiles aged 16, and it was the technical aspects of making that pulled me toward pattern cutting and construction early on, but during my theatre work especially, I fell in love with the foundations of design; for me it begins with texture and shade. Introduce form and structure, and that allows the aesthetic to become embodied and physical. As with pattern cutting for costume and couture, in weaving there is a space where maths and gravity play their part, however I like to leave this part out of my mental space now, that is a conscious decision. Just me and the yarn in conversation today, let’s see what it wants to say.

(A Venn diagram of my thought process; I use the term shade in place of colour, because I like to maintain that we operate on a spectrum of subtle shifts rather than a black-white polarity. As in art, so in life.)

C. Imogen Di Sapia 2018

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