Ulmus Textrinium : Elm Loom

Ulmus Textrinium : Elm Loom

I’m very happy to share a special collaboration with EJ Osbourne of Hatchet + Bear, who has hand-made me some rather special wooden looms!

Here’s what EJ has to say about them;

“I’m working with English Elm at the moment – because quite a few Elm trees have come down locally – either by general management or storm damage. I started making the looms in the first place because I got really into looking at all the weavings people were posting on Instagram – there was a resurgence happening and as with spoon carving, I was attracted to the idea that you can create a really good little weaving quickly, with minimal tools and skills. The looms were also influenced by the idea of travel and adventure – in that they are small enough to take on your travels… fitting in the same kind of size compartment as an iPad would.”

To celebrate all this wonderful artistry and magic, I’ve created a very special limited edition kit for you, which includes the following lovely items;

One hand-made elm loom by Hatchet + Bear; includes wooden beater-comb, weavers needle and warp thread.

A pair of stylish and functional vintage-style black iron snips & large (blunt) tapestry needle for finishing of ends and loose threads.

A copy of “Tapestry Weaving” by contemporary weaver Christabel Balfour, which is an excellent practical guide to decorative tapestry and traditional rug techniques for beginners and accomplished weavers alike.

A delicious curated selection of hand spun yarns, vintage threads and beautiful fibres I think you will find inspiring & start weaving with straight away!

A copy of the wonderful publication Ernest Journal, for all your travel-reading needs.

A hand printed Bright Moon cloth bag to keep it all in! This bag features original lino-cut artwork by Heather Champion and the historic Doves font, which was dredged up from the river Thames after a century under water.

(Plus I’ll include some extra secret goodies to relax the senses ready for weaving!).

There is a limited edition set of 20 elm loom kits for 2018, so if you would like one for yourself, or as a gift for the craftsperson in your life, you will find them here; Bright Moon Weaving Studio on Etsy

£85 plus postage

Here’s an idea of the type of weaving you can make; this wall hanging was made by Melodie Stacey using her loom Kit!!

(Please note * these kits are suitable for all ages and abilities. Please be aware that the snips are very sharp, so if you require the kit for a child under the age of 12, I will be able to swap these for a new pair of safety craft scissors. Please email me with any questions weaving@brightmoon.co)

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