Weaving Workshop

Thanks to everyone who has made enquiries about future weaving workshops, here’s the first official one for your calendars that I’ll be teaching;

Weaving in Circles; nest, shell & web will be hosted by Make Makers at ONCA Brighton, Saturday October 13th 2018, 10am – 1pm. Cost is £60 including all materials and your own circular loom to keep. Places are limited to 8 participants.

Here are some details;

“Taking the circle as a main focus, participants will work on specially made wooden circular looms to explore the method of weaving in a spiral form, taking inspiration from natural forms which offer the perfect subjects for this aesthetic; the layers of a moss-and-twig nest, the curving spirals of a sea shell, the shining magic of a spider’s web.

Using an inspiring selection of yarns from Imogen’s workshop, including wild silk, hand-spun nettle, hand-dyed British wool and Japanese metal-embroidery threads.

This event is a creative pause to allow your hands to work on something inspiring, in a calm and exploratory setting.”

If you’d like to register an interest for future workshops please drop me an email to weaving@brightmoon.co and I can keep you informed of forthcoming dates.

Best wishes,

Imogen x

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