Lily Waugh : Root To Rise

“Root to Rise 

I shed a skin”

Tapestry in silk & cotton warp, plant dyed sheep’s wool weft.

January 2018, Penryn, Cornwall.

50cm x 100cm.

Lily Waugh is a hand weaver and multi disciplinary artist working and living in Cornwall, England. Her hand woven textiles are made in meditation on ancient european folklore and the cornish landscape. Lily weaves from a place of intention: holding a feeling, place or story in her mind as she weaves, allowing the images to emerge on the loom. Lily works with Toby Aisbitt to create unique, hand crafted wooden looms taken from ancient weaving traditions. From making Navajo style bamboo looms in the Peruvian amazon rainforest to green oak warp weighted looms in the south west of England, the couple are heavily inspired by honouring place in their weaving looms & woven textiles.

See the making-diary of how Lily created Root to Rise on her website.

Lily Waugh is currently exhibiting at The Fish Factory in Penryn, Cornwall, until March 12th, showing her woven artworks including this stunning tapestry Root to Rise, which will be transferring to The Selkie at O N C A on March 16th.

Images copyright Lily Waugh 2018.

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