Caroline Bond : Weave the Seas Clean

Caroline Bond’s work represents the union of her love for ocean environmentalism and weaving, with her personal mission to “weave the seas clean”. Her work at once is material craft practice, recycling, and alchemy; taking the potentially deadly ghost net, rope and fishing debris from local beaches here in Sussex, and repurposing them to create something beautiful, useful and poignant.

After watching BBC’s Blue Plant II and barely making it through Sir David Attenborough’s finale speech about ocean pollution with all the emotion it summoned, I felt that as stark as the message is, the UK, indeed the world, couldn’t fail to heed the call to action, we must all take individual responsibility for our use of plastics in the home, in the places we shop, in wider industry and culture.

One way to begin, if you live anywhere coastal, is to participate in Two Minute Beach Clean, which is exactly that, take a wander to your local beach, pick up any rubbish and debris, and dispose of it responsibly or repurpose. The time-honoured adage of “take your litter home with you” seems to not hit-home when people visit Brighton Beach for some unfathomable reason. Not only is there the litter-dropped or windswept, there is the bounty of plastics hidden within our oceans, below the surface, out of sight. This can range from the famous 1997 shipping container spillage of nautical Lego pieces off Cornwall, to the day-to-day discarding of fishing gear, lines, and nets – known as ghost nets; invisible, deadly, myriad.

Through Caroline’s art and activism, she heralds a new generation of environmentalist-artists, and who, in her unique way, is making visible that hidden danger to our sea life, by starting conversations around our approach to ocean plastics, one beautifully woven ghost net at a time.

I am proud to announce that three works by Caroline Bond will be exhibited as part of The Selkie at O N C A.

Caroline can be found on Instagram as @kittiekipper

Images c. Caroline Bond, 2018.

4 thoughts on “Caroline Bond : Weave the Seas Clean

  1. What an inspiration you are to us all. We actually live in central, rural France, and we’re always picking up rubbish, sadly right now mainly masks!!! Us humans are quite awful really, and then someone like you comes along to restore my faith in humanity. When we were allowed to go abroad, we ALWAYS collect rubbish on the beaches or in the seas, and it isn’t really quite sad. For me to see something beautiful and positive being created by such devastation, makes my heart sing. We are looking forward to our next visit to Hastings to see our son, daughter in law and two granddaughters, so if and when we can, we shall be collecting any rubbish we may come across.
    Thank you.
    Kelly Turnbull.


  2. I love what ur doing in East Sussex. Can I purchase some items. Or can I help in other ways? I am not near you am in the Midlands but please let me know ? I used to be from West Sussex and lived in Brighton!


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