Bright Moon Yarn

Bright Moon Yarn

I’m very pleased and proud to be able to give you a launch date for my hand spun yarns, which have been in development over the past twelve months.

Specialist craft shop YAK on Gloucester Road in Brighton are hosting a celebratory pop-up shop on Saturday March 17th 2018 to showcase Bright Moon Yarn alongside fellow southdown fleece advocate Louise Spong and her beautiful range; South Downs Yarn.

Together we are showing you the many varied possibilities of this rare breed British fleece, which is often overlooked and underused. Come and feel the woolly goodness for yourself!!

Happily, YAK is literally around the corner from O N C A Gallery, and therefore you are more than welcome to combine trips and pop into my exhibition at the same time! Hurrah!

Below is a photo story of some of my yarns in development to give you a sense of the colours and textures that have inspired my first yarn range, entitled The Selkie. I’ve had a very fruitful year of working with some incredible spinners who have each developed yarn for me from batts I had blended myself. This means that within the range of colours and textures, there are also distinct and unique spins that are very much the personal signature of each spinner; particular thanks to artist and hand-spinner Jessica Mason for her inspirational description of hand spinning as a form of handwriting, which she shared when I attended her Embracing Slowness hand-spinning Bezalel Workshop, hosted by weaver Christabel Balfour at her beautiful Peckham studio this January.

Special thanks to my magical spinners for their artistry and skill; Marina Skua, Annabelle Cornell, Helen Hickman, Molly Bray & Lauren Halsall.

My yarns have been developed in the first instance with weaving in mind, that the texture should be varied and a little wild, however not to exclude any one yarn-craft from embracing Bright Moon Yarn, I commissioned a sample knit wrap scarf from expert knitter Mairead Hardy, which is pictured below and will be viewable at the YAK pop-up.

Please pop back soon for a month of exciting updates, collaborations, interviews and conversations with some of my favourite contemporary craftspeople, and do subscribe to the newsletter for updates straight to your inbox.

Wishing you a happy and creative February x Imogen

All images C. Imogen Di Sapia 2018

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