The Midwife & Pelt

Two tapestries : The Midwife & Pelt, based on the stonemason and woodcarver tradition of Sheela Na Gig, the mischievous wild-woman opening her yoni to show her wild nature, often seen in old churches next to saints, gargoyles and the Green Man.

Made in dedication to the archetypal Midwife who twice -dragged me across the threshold of birthing, and to my Earth-side midwife Lucy for her amazing care. 

I don’t often talk about it because it is still very difficult, but I have PTSD as a result of a difficult first birth, so I would urge anyone with unprocessed birth trauma to stay safe around birthing conversations (I find these especially difficult and triggering, even after specialist trauma therapy) and be mindful that your story holds much power, so find a way to release it gently, and safely. I advocate for women to support each other by not engaging in birth horror-stories, but to acknowledge that however our babies arrive, it is a huge challenge and many of us are left with deep psychological and physical wounds that can’t been seen. 
Sending love to all the mother-soldiers with PTSD & to all the midwives who work across the threshold of worlds 

x Imogen 

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