Dúlamán & Kelp

It’s turned into a very moody week here in Brighton; yellow-sand skies and damp rainy days, cold mornings. It’s been a good time to get into the Autumn spirit and watch some gorgeous films, including Song of the Sea, which I first watched when pregnant with Oscar, and remember being over-emotional about how lovely and powerful this film was. Turns out it wasn’t just my hormones, it is still a tear-jerking work of beauty, with a stunning soundtrack of old Irish folk songs by Lisa Hannigan, including a version of Dúlamán, which is a traditional song for gathering in a seaweed harvest.

With wonderful synchronicity, I’ve also been working toward blending a special yarn this week, happens it’s with seaweed silk (seacell) and a very unique fleece from the shoreline sheep of North Ronaldsay in Orkney, who eat the seaweed they forage along the rocky island coast. I couldn’t resist seeing what might happen if I combined these two magic-and-iodine-rich fibres. I’m very pleased to report the results are beautifully soft, textured and (aesthetically) delicious. I’ll be carding, blending and working toward spinning up a unique batch of Dúlamán yarn using this recipe very soon!!

Back to work, hope you are all keeping warm and happy this October, 

Love x Imogen 

(Shown below is a sample scarf for my commuter-husband Tom, who requested a soft, warm and lightweight scarf for his daily travels; Kelp, 40cm x 180cm, woven in corridale, cashmere, silk and linen.)

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