Selkie Yarns

It’s so good to be able to send this blog post out today! 

Here’s what I’ve been working on during the first half of 2017; a custom blended, hand-spun and hand-dyed range of yarns created specifically for weaving my blanket samples & Selkie exhibition pieces. 

I’ve worked with two very talented women to get these samples together; firstly, Marina Skua is an independent spinner whose technique and sensitivity to texture has been simply enchanting. I was looking on Etsy for something special, and found her yarns, and from there we began a collaboration whereby I sent her South Downs fleece that I carded and blended with a mix of linen, wild silk, British alpaca and antique metal threads, which Marina then spun freehand to create the range. We continue to work in this way, sending small batches of fleece by post, which she spins and posts back. The postman is suitable bewildered when I explain what’s going on!

The other remarkable talent I’ve been collaborating with is spinner and dyer Annabelle Cornell of Spindle & Skein (also on Etsy). Annabelle spins beautiful singles in UK wools such a Bluefaced Leicester, Wensleydale, Devon & Cornwall, Cotswold, Shetland and Jacobs, plus more alternative fibres including nettle and soy (a vegan-friendly yarn post will appear in the near future!). Not only does she spin beautiful yarn, but Annabelle has a wonderful eye for colour, and created a batch of custom dyed yarns to my specification, which basically consisted of me saying things like “seal grey -scallop shells- sea foam – sand…” (in the far-away voice of Virginia Woolf) and what I received back was absolute perfection; subtle yet rich shades that tone together in a really special way. 

So you can imagine my excitement when both parcels of finished yarn arrived together this week!!!! They are simple stunning all put together, and I’m so thrilled that I could work in this way. Many thanks to Marina & Annabelle for your hard work and huge talents! I look forward to weaving them all together in the next few months.

In the next blog post I’ll be discussing my yarn plans for 2018, my exhibition at Onca next March;  plus my workshops at Seed Festival in Stroud, and my talk at Sewmance Sewcials in Brighton, both happening this July.

And to sign off, I’m also seeing out fellow working mothers, women-artists, textile-makers and allied creatives to discuss an upcoming project that fuses contemporary folk art & craft, traditional making and the realm of ‘women’s work’…. more to come, but if you think that you might be up for a bit of creative banter, email me at to register an interest.
Best wishes, much love,


All images C. Imogen Di Sapia / Bright Moon Studio 2017; reproduce with credits or seek permission;  link back to site in all cases.

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